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Counselor Aly Rizk/ President of Administrative Prosecution Authority commissioned Nage Hamady Prosecution to open an immediate investigation regarding a fatal accident at Nage Hamady Preparatory School published by El Yom El Sabea news website, as the article stated that a second preparatory student passed away at school after a board fell over her head in the school playground during school break.
Accordingly, a committee was formed under the supervision of Counselor/Shabaan Abd Al-Ghany-Head of Nage Hamady Prosecution and the membership of Chief Prosecutors/ Omar Hamam Ahmed and Helmy Hessien Helmy to perform an inspection on the school on 30/10/2016 accompanied by Head of Preparatory Education/Abd Allah Abo Bakr, where the inspection revealed that the accident took place after the deceased student and two of her colleagues clung to a board in the playground during school break on Sunday 30/10/2016, also the inspection revealed that there is no health care visitor assigned to the school, the lack of first aid equipment at doctor’s office which is used as a teachers room instead which may be the reason of the students death before she reached the hospital to receive adequate care which provides suspicion of presence of negligence by school officials
Currently, the Prosecution is conducting investigations to determine the officials’ disciplinary accountability in this concern.

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