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As per the instructions of Counselor/ Aly Rizk President of Administrative Prosecution authority to conduct prompt investigations regarding what was published on some news websites and monitored by the Prosecution’s Information Center about converting an abandoned governmental hospital at Nage Hamady city at Qena Governorate to a prostitution den, accordingly Counselor Shabaan Abd Alghany –Head of Nage Hamady Prosecution assigned Chief Prosecutor/Helmy Hussein to conduct investigations regarding this incident.
The Prosecution moved to the hospital to perform an inspection accompanied by Deputy of Nage Hamady Municipal Unit and Head of Health Administration at Nage Hamady after receiving a correspondence from the Health Administration stating that the hospital was evacuated since 2007 after a demolition decision was issued and since then there are no security personnel responsible for building.
The inspection revealed that the hospital’s building is totally abandoned without any security where access is available to anyone, the fence surrounding the hospital is broken and the hospital’s entrance is exploited by fish and vegetables vendors where they store the food, also by going through the hospital’s rooms a large amount of pesticides and toxins were found as well as the presence of official financial records thrown inside the rooms.
According to the aforementioned results the Prosecution is currently conducting investigations in order to determine the disciplinary accountability of officials regarding the state of this hospital.

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