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Counselor/ Aly Rizk President of Administrative Prosecution Authority referred the following officials to disciplinary trial:
1. Head of the Islamic and Coptic Antiquities Sector at El-Sharqia Governorate.
2. Security Director of Islamic and Coptic Antiquities Sector at El-Sharqia Governorate.
3. Five of the security surveillance members at Ahmed Orabi museum affiliated to the Islamic Antiquities Sector.
4. Director of House and Museum of Ahmed Orabi affiliated to Plastic Arts Sector.
5. Clerk and Custodian of Ahmed Orabi House and Museum affiliated Plastic Arts Sector.
As they did not perform their work with due diligence and did not abide by the working hours regulations nor the laws and regulations they should follow as they failed to maintain the integrity of the House and Musuem of Ahmed Orabi at Hreyya Razna in the Nile Delta city of Zagazig which was recoded as antiquity by the Presidential Decree No. 2300/62 and neglected its maintenance resulting in damage some of its parts and the spread of waste and fire effects on its walls in a way which breached its safety.
Where APA accused them of the following violations:
The First: violated the antiquities protection regulations as he approved exploiting one of the rooms of Ahmed Oraby museum as a storage area for excavations tools at the Islamic antiquities district at Eastern Delta, and he failed to complete the registration procedures of an archaeological pot stored at the museum’s excavation tools storeroom which is not equipped for storing movable antiquities.
The Second: Failed to prepare the November 2016 payroll list for workers at Ahmed Orabi museum.
The Fourth: Neglected registering the absent employees in the absentees registry on 29/11/2016
The Fifth: Failed to properly store the items in his custody, consisting of manuscripts, photos and frames which did not comply with the custody list recorded in the inventory registry with the presence of six extra frames which were not recorded in this registry.

Investigations conducted by Chief Prosecutor/ Islam Zidan under the supervision of Counselor/ Amr El-Khargawy, concluded ordering the following:
1. The prompt evacuation of the archaeological museum of the leader Ahmed Orabi by the Plastic Arts Sector workers in order to preserve the archaeological heritage and preparing another premises for them.
2. Immediately recording the archaeological pot found at the museum of Ahmed Orabi excavation tools storeroom and transferring it to the custody storerooms equipped to protect movable antiquities.
3. Binding the accused officials to pay the value of the damage and maintenance work in accordance with law and regulations.

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