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Counselor Aly Rizk/ President of Administrative Prosecution Authority ordered to refer a former Teller at the Principal Bank for Development and Agricultural Credit –PBDAC- at Mahalat Farnoy Village, Shubrakhat at El Beheira Governorate to Disciplinary Trial as in 2015 he did not perform his work duties with due diligence, did not preserve the funds of PBDAC Bank and conducted a manner that negatively impacted the dignity of his job by performing the following disciplinary violations:

1-Embezzled and seized an approximate sum of one million, one hundred and fifty-nine thousand pounds from customer’s funds.

2-Performed commercial operations without obtaining a permission from his work as he received an amount of 400 thousand pounds from one of the bank’s customers where he wrote him a trust receipt in return of commercial transactions between them.

As South Damanhur Public Prosecution sent the case documents to APA in order to take the necessary procedures against the mentioned teller where he was accused of:

1-Making deposits in the saving accounts of the bank’s customers without issuing receipts and recording those amounts in the banks registry where he embezzled those amounts and enabled other customers to misappropriate the bank’s funds with a total amount of 463710 pounds.

2-He also received a sum of 695185 pounds which are loan installments paid by the bank’s customers and embezzled them without depositing those amounts in the banks safe.

Investigations at APA were conducted at Etay El-Baroud Prosecution by Chief Prosecutor/ Mohamed Saied Abo-Omar under the Supervision of Counselor/ Samir Al-shebasy- Head of the mentioned prosecution after the public prosecution dismissed the criminal trial against the accused teller as he repaid the amounts of money he embezzled, where APA concluded referring him to Disciplinary Trial.

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