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Counselor/Ali Rizk President of Administrative Prosecution Authority ordered to open immediate investigations regarding two corruption incidents monitored by APA Information Center in newspapers:
First: a massive corruption case in the Egyptian National Railway (ENR) as it’s Financial Administration failed to collect debts amounts from contracting companies for transporting goods till the debt expanded to approximately 2 billion Egyptian Pounds in 2016 after it was only 400 Million Egyptian Pounds before 2011.
Second: The issuance of an illegal building license by Maadi District Administration for a piece of land on an area of 2100 square meters, although this land was designated to be a service area for the surrounding villas and buildings and despite presenting many complaints by the residents of Mokattam to officials in charge, the District Administration and the Government disregarded those complaints and insisted on implementing their illegal decision, later a memorandum was submitted to the Minister of Local Development, who referred it to the Ministry’s Inspection and Follow-up Administration.
Accordingly, President of APA ordered to promptly take the necessary procedures and determine the accountabilities of officials in charge regarding both incidents in accordance with APA’s jurisdiction.

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