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As per the instructions of Counselor Aly Rizk/ President of Administrative Prosecution Authority, Counselor Abd Al-Rahman Al-Alfy/ Vice President of APA and Head of Dekernes Prosecution at Dakahlia Governorate moved to the electric stalls at the Dekernes town – 8th district to conduct an inspection after what was mentioned on social networking sites regarding the distress call of a citizen at Dekernes town as his son had an electric shock from one of the towns electric stalls leaving him with 4th degree burns, caused the amputation of his left arm and 85% disability.

Where the primary investigations in case no.549/2017 Dekernes Prosecution revealed the validity of the mentioned citizen’s complaint as an unsecured electric stall was found at the 8th district at Dekernes town totally neglected by officials in charge were the stall’s door was not closed and accordingly the injured boy played with a metal tool inside the stall which clearly shows the failure of officials in charge to take the necessary measures regarding securing those electric stalls, also the inspection revealed the presence of three other unsecured electric stalls as well as electricity connections installed in contrary to the technical rules which endangers the lives of the town residents.
Currently, the Prosecution is taking the necessary procedures in order to determine the accountabilities of officials in charge of those electric stalls.

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