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The Investment Cases Unit at APA is currently conducting investigations in case no.3/2016 where the Prosecution requested activating the work of the Central Committee for Tourism in charge of enumerating and registering restaurants, shops and facilities subject to decree no.222/2012 issued by the Minister of Tourism.

Investigations conducted by Chief Prosecutor/ Ayman Naguib under the supervision of Counselor/ Ayman Nabil Head of Investment Cases Unit revealed that taxes are not collected from many tourism facilities on their activities, Accordingly, the Prosecution addressed the Ministers of Tourism, Finance, Local Development and Head of Egyptian Taxes Authority (ETA) to activate the previously mentioned committee in order to perform the necessary enumeration process and register those facilities that are subject to the general sales tax.

Consequently, Head of ETA ordered to promptly operate the mentioned committee commissioned by APA’s Investment Cases Unit, where it performed 1252 inspections that led to collecting 325 million EGP from facilities within Cairo and Giza governorates where it’s target is to collect an amount of 13 billion and 286 million EGP.

Also Counselor Aly Rizk/ President of APA directed to continue conducting the investigations, follow the work of the committee, registration of tourism facilities and subjecting them to taxes according to the law to maintain the rights of the state in a manner that impacts economic development.

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