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Counselor Aly Rizk /President of Administrative Prosecution Authority ordered to refer each of: - a doctor, an anesthetist and a nursing technician at Suez General Hospital affiliated to Suez Health Affairs Directorate to disciplinary trial as theyfailed to comply with work rules, regulations and ethics beside conducting a manner which negatively impacts the dignity of their job.

Investigations conducted by Chief Prosecutor/ Shaymaa Negm in case no.128/2016 under the supervision of Dr. Rafik Salam/ Vice President of APA headed by Counselor Rashida Fathallah/ Head of Headquarters Technical Bureau revealed that the first accused official performed two female genital mutilation (FGM) operations on two children on 28/5/2016 at Suez Canal Specialized Hospital which led to the death of the first child and serious injuries of the second one, in violation to the decree issued by the Minister of Health no.71/2007 which strictly prohibits doctors and nursing staff from participating in any FGM operations at public or private hospitals.

Whereas the second and third mentioned officials were accused of participating in performing both FGM operations, moreover the three accused officials were also referred to disciplinary trail for working at Suez Canal Specialized hospital without obtaining the approval of Suez General Hospital Administration in violation to the law

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