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Counselor Aly Rizk/ President of Administrative Prosecution Authority issued decision no.200/2017 to suspend the Head of Intensive Care Unit (ICU) at Gamal Abdl Nasser Hospital at Alexandria Governorate from work for three months or until the completion of the investigations with disbursing half of his monthly salary and submitting the case to the competent disciplinary court to issue its decision regarding the disbursement of the other half of his salary.
As investigations conducted by Alexandria Health Prosecution under the supervision of Counselor Mohamed Abdl el Aziz /Head of the mentioned Prosecution in case no.589/2017 revealed that the accused doctor refused the submission of a patient to the ICU despite the availability of three vacant beds, whereas investigations conducted in case no.422/2017 by Senior Administrative Prosecutor/ Mohamed Zohny revealed that on 27/12/2016 the accused doctor did not provide an ICU patient with an artificial respiration device which led to the deterioration of his health state and death, neglected following up a patient at the ICU which also led to his death besides assaulting and insulting the security guard at Mohamed Fawzy Hospital.
The Prosecution issued the suspension decision as a precautionary procedure in order to prevent harming the interest of the investigations whether by influencing witnesses and informants or impacting the physical evidences and clues especially that the investigations require examining records and documents at his work place and since he was charged by major accusations which prevent him from resuming his work duties until the prosecution issues its decision regarding those accusations charged against him.

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