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Counselor Aly Rizk/ President of Administrative Prosecution Authority (APA) ordered to refer the Principal of Hosh Essa Secondary School for Girls affiliated to Hosh Essa Educational Administration at Damanhur City – Beheira Governorate to Disciplinary Trial as he did not perform his work with due diligence, conducted a manner that negatively impacts the dignity of his job and violated the laws and regulations he should abide by.
Where investigations conducted by Counselor Khairy Karkar/ Senior Deputy at APA under the supervision of Counselor Abd El-Raouf Al-khouisky/ Head of Damanhur Prosecution-1st Division in case no. 669/2015 revealed that the mentioned accused official during his work as a teacher at Hosh Essa Secondary School for Boys wrote the answers of the preparatory stage make up exam on an answer sheet and the name of a student at Deminat Preparatory School at Abou El Matamir city at Beheira Governorate on it in order to attribute this falsified answer sheet to him in contrary to the truth and put it with the rest of the answering sheets submitted by other students instead the answer sheet submitted by this student.

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