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Counselor Aly Rizk/ President of Administrative Prosecution Authority ordered to refer a Radiology Technician at Hurgada General Hospital to Disciplinary Trial as investigations conducted in case no.451/2014 by Senior Administrative Prosecutor/ Abd Al-Aziz Al-Azaly under the supervision of Counselor Islam Maklad/ Head of Hurgada Prosecution revealed that the accused failed to perform his work with due diligence and preserve his work’s possessions as he neglected maintaining the Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) device he was assigned to work on, which is the only MRI device at the mentioned Hospital and costs approximately 971 thousand EGP where he allowed a citizen to enter into the MRI room while he was performing a medical examination on a patient and this citizen pressed on a button in the MRI device which led to an explosion in the device and gas leakage, accordingly it became out of order for a long period.
The Prosecution ordered to suspend the accused’s promotion until the issuance of the decision of the Disciplinary court in accordance with article no. (65) from the Civil Service Law no. 81/2016 also, his resignation and referral to early pension requests cannot be approved unless the court issues its decision in conformity with article no. (70) of the same law.

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