Counselor/ Rashida Anwar Fathallah the Twenty-third President of the Administrative Prosecution Authority (APA), she was sworn in on 1/7/2017.


Date of Birth:14/9/1947

Education: B.A. in Law, Cairo University in 1969, graduation grade: very good with honors.

Career Hierarchy:

She was appointed to the position of Assistant Administrative Prosecutor on 18/11/1970 and she was promoted to the following positions:

* Administrative Prosecutor on 7/9/1974

* Senior Administrative Prosecutor on 4/10/1977

* Chief Prosecutor on 3/6/1982

* Senior Chief Prosecutor since 6/8/1986

* Deputy General on 30/1/1990

* Senior Deputy General on 16/2/1993

* Vice President of APA on 24/6/1996

* President of APA by the Presidential Decree no. (291) issued on 29/6/2017

Besides, she held many high-ranking positions such as:

* Head of APA’s Cairo Technical Bureau on 30/5/2015

* Head of Disciplinary Lawsuit Administration in Cairo on 22/8/2015

* Head of Headquarters Technical Bureau for Inspections and Investigations on 2/7/2016

Member of Supreme Council of APA since 1 / 7/ 2016, and currently is the Head of the Council.

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