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Counselor/ Rashida Fathallah- President of Administrative Prosecution Authority ordered to refer the former head of Central Administration of the Non-Governmental Therapeutic institutions and licenses at Ministry of Health and Present Counselor of the Regional Affairs Sector at Ministry of Health to immediate trial.

The defendant accepted the registration of one of the graduates who has a certificate of what called “Alternative Medicine” from University of Bridgeport - United States of America – in Medical Syndicate despite the previous rejection to equivalence the certificate obtained by the graduate from Bridgeport University, United States of America

The prosecution also ordered to refer the members of -Medical Sciences and Assistance Committee in the Equivalency Committee to Minister of Higher Education for their charges before the competent disciplinary Board for accepting the same certificate obtained from the University of Bridgeport, United States Of America, with a bachelor's degree in medicine and surgery in violation of the law

The investigations where conducted by Ahmed Shaarawy / Chief Prosecutor – Member of Headquarter Technical Bureau under the supervision of Counselor / Mohamed Kamal – Deputy of Headquarter Technical Bureau

Where the prosecution heard the testimony of both Dr. President of Ain Shams University and Dr Dean of Kasr el Aini Medical School, Dr. Dean of Faculty of Medicine – Ain Shams University- and a group of Professors at Faculty of Medicine members of the Committees formed to assess foreign degrees, the prosecution also listened to the testimony of Dr. Mona Mina, Deputy of the Egyptian Medical Syndicate, who all agreed on the following:

The college that issued the certificate qualifies for non-traditional therapeutic practices that embrace a different philosophy of health care and the treatment of diseases where treatment is mainly based on natural materials such as Chinese treatment, herbal and aromatherapy treatment, massages and water treatment ,it is all symbolized by the symbol N.D., abbreviation of the term Naturopathic doctor, which is quite different from what the graduates of Colleges of human medicine at universities of the United States of America which symbolizes its graduation with M.D, abbreviation of the term medical doctor which qualifies the graduate to practice the human medical profession and surgery at all levels of health care recognized in the United States of America and in all countries of the world including the Arab Republic of Egypt

The college admission requires lower GPA than ordinary medicine schools in United States of America, and the board that approved the mentioned college was different from those approved on medical schools in the United States of America.

Only seventeen state out of the 50 states in the United States of America recognize the so-called natural medicine based on natural treatments and completely different from human medicine and it is a condition for its practice to be supervised by a certified human physician, and they are not authorized to make any surgical intervention

The U.S Food & Drug Administration (F.D.A) – reported according to a comprehensive medical research, that there is no even a single scientific evidence of the efficacy of these therapeutic methods, which are adopted and taught by the faculties of the so-called alternative therapy.

Accordingly, the Prosecution had concluded to the above-mentioned decision, and called on those in the higher education and health sectors to stick to the global standards of the equivalence of foreign certificates in particular in the field of medicine to prevent the spread of treatment centers that lacks in the scientific standards and the internationally adopted.

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