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Counselor/Rashida Fathallah-President of Administrative Prosecution Authority ordered to refer the following accused officials to immediate trial:
1-Former Chairman of the Social Insurance Fund of Governmental Sector Workers at the National Social Insurance Authority (NSIA), and currently retired.

2-Former Director of the Central Management for Administrative Affairs at the Social Insurance Fund of Governmental Sector Workers and currently retired.
As APA received a report from the Accountability State Authority (ASA) regarding an incident of waste of public money revealed after inspecting the work of the financial supervisory on NSIA, accordingly investigations were conducted by Chief Prosecutor/ Ahmed Said-Member of the Headquarters Technical Bureau in case no. 87/2015 where the Prosecution listened to the statement of the ASA member and formed a specialized committee headed by the Director of the Central Administration for Financial Legislation at the Ministry of Finance which disclosed the involvement of the accused officials in wasting public money as follows:
The first accused official financed the Social Welfare Activity Unit affiliated to the governmental sector fund with ten million EGP from the governmental sector fund’s budget despite the independence of its budget from the unit’s budget during years 2010/2011 in violation to the Law of Pegging the State’s General Budget and its executive rule.
2-Both accused officials wasted an amount of nine million EGP the value of a piece of land purchased and construction work carried out on it to implement a project of establishing a club for the employees at NSIA and the governmental sector fund at New Cairo Area as they failed to take the necessary procedures of implementing this project during the period from 2008 till 2010 according to the contract concluded with the New Urban Communities Authority as a result the Head of New Cairo’s Government Office issued a decision to withdraw the piece of land and cancel its allocation on 7/11/2010.
Therefore, the Prosecution concluded its mentioned decision and ordered to officially notify the Prosecutor-General regarding all the incidents that form criminal offences in order to initiate public proceedings against the accused officials.

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