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Counselor/Rashida Fathallah-President of  Administrative Prosecution Authority ordered to conduct an inspection on El-Shams Orphanage at Luxor Governorate based on the memorandum presented by APA’s Media and Information Center, accordingly a team from Luxor Prosecution-2nd Division headed by Chief Prosecutor/ Yasser Shawky accompanied by officials from the Social Affairs Directorate at Luxor Governorate and a medical committee from Luxor Public Hospital moved to the orphanage to interrogate its employees and perform a physical examination on the orphanage’s girls after listening to their testimony, where the primary investigations revealed that four girls (ages from 5 to 8) were exposed to severe beating by one of the orphanage’s supervisors, Consequently this supervisor was suspended from work and those girls were referred to the Forensic Medicine Authority to perform a complete physical examination also the incident was registered under case no.521/2017  where the Prosecution ordered to summon the Deputy of Ministry of Social Affairs at Luxor Governorate to give his statement  on Tuesday 1/8/2017.

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