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Counselor/Ferial Hemeda Kotb, the twenty-forth President of the Administrative Prosecution (APA), was sworn in on 14/9/2017

Date of Birth: 4/5/1958

Graduated from the Faculty of Law – Cairo University in 1970, graduation grade: very good with honors.

Since she ranked among the top graduates of the faculty of Law- Cairo University class 1970, she was one of the first women to be appointed as an Administrative Prosecutor at APA in 1971.

Her excellency started her career journey as an Administrative Prosecutor at the Authorities Prosecution at Alexandria Governorate, and got promoted several times until she was the first woman in the Egyptian judicial system to be appointed as Head of Education Prosecution, Head of Authorities Prosecution, Head of Health Affairs Prosecution-4th Division and Head of Local Municipal Prosecution at Alexandria Governorate.

Afterwards, she was assigned to work at the Inspection Administration for several consecutive sessions over ten years, then she became Deputy of Alexandria Governorate Technical Bureau, subsequently Head of Disciplinary Lawsuit Administration branch at Alexandria Governorate, afterwards she became Head of Alexandria Governorate Technical Bureau and a member of the Prosecution’s Supreme Council since September 2016.

On 14/9/2017 she was appointed to the position of President of Administrative Prosecution Authority and occupies this position until present.

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