Counselor Ali Mohamed Mohamed Rizk the 22nd President of the Administrative Prosecution Authority, he occupied this position starting from 30/6/2016 

Date of Birth: 9/3/1947

Education: Bachelor’s of Law, 1967

Last Position Occupied: President of the Administrative Prosecution Authority by the Presidential decree no. (253) issued on 1/6/2016

Work Experience:

He was appointed to the position of Assistant Administrative Prosecutor starting from 28/1/1969 and he was promoted to the following positions:

  • Administrative Prosecutor on 24/11/1973
  • Senior Administrative Prosecutor on 4/10/1977
  • Chief prosecutor on 26/12/1981
  • Senior Chief Prosecutor on 29/11/1984
  • Deputy General on 18/8/1987
  • Senior Deputy General on 4/6/1992
  • Vice President of Administrative Prosecution Authority on 24/2/1994
  • President of the Administrative Prosecution Authority as of 1/7/2016 and he occupies this position till present
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