Counselor/Feryal Hemida Kotb– current President of Administrative Prosecution Authority (APA) was sworn in on Saturday 17th of September,2017 where she took the constitutional oath before President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi at Al Etehadiya palace. Also, his excellency granted Counselor/Rachida Fathallah- Former APA President the Republic’s Accolade from the first degree in recognition of her efforts exerted in implementing the law and protecting the interests of citizens during her years of service.

Counselor/ Rachida Fathallah-President of Administrative Prosecution Authority ordered to refer a former Teacher at Port Fouad Preparatory School for Girls and currently working at the Security Administration at Port Said Governorate Education Directorate to immediate trial regarding what has been proven against him from moral and sexual crimes committed against preparatory school students.


As investigations conducted by Chief Prosecutor/Ahmed Selim at Port Fouad Prosecution in case no. 115/2016 regarding the report presented by Port Fouad Educational Administration concerning the immoral acts committed by the mentioned teacher against the preparatory school students as he took sexual pictures and video clips of them using his cell phone, where one of the parents submitted a complaint to the Head of Port Fouad Educational Administration including an attached flash memory containing pictures and video clips of the mentioned teacher in sexual positions with the school girls he previously taught.

The accused teacher was immediately suspended from his job in favor of the investigations, also the Prosecution appointed an Audio-Visual Expert from the Radio and Television Union to unseal the exhibits of case no. 115/2016 and extract phone calls and text conversations on Facebook that revealed that the accused teacher committed immoral acts and sexual assault to many school students beside sexually harassing and inciting them to engage in sexual acts, whereas during the investigations the Prosecution confronted the accused teacher with the evidence and he admitted committing the charges against him.

Investigations concluded that the accused teacher committed the following:

1-Sexually assaulted a 14-year-old schoolgirl.
2-Regularly sent sex pictures and video clips to student at the preparatory school where he used to teach and wrote inspirational sex quotes to students on Facebook beside inciting them to engage in sexual acts.
3-Repeatdly asked the preparatory school girls to send him pictures naked pictures of them and sexual clips on Facebook.
4-Asked a number of school girls to enable him to visit their houses during the absence of their parents in order to initiate sexual relations with them.
5-Violated the privacy of many preparatory schoolgirls by recording telephone conversations with them without their knowledge or consent.
6-Gave private lessons to the schoolgirls outside school and after the official working hours in return of a sum of money and exploited that situation to sexually assault them.

Accordingly, the Prosecution ordered to:
-Officially notify the Prosecutor General in order to file a criminal lawsuit against the accused teacher.
-Report the incident of engaging in an illegal activity by giving private lessons to the Public Tax Authority.

Additionally, the Prosecution set a list of rules to be followed in order to avoid the repetition of such incident and lessen its consequences:

1-Recommend officials at the Egyptian Education System to set specific moral and scientific criteria when recruiting school teachers to assure their ability to professionally deal with students especially in early stages of basic education for boys and girls equally.
2-Requesting parents of students in stages of basic education to continuously follow-up their children and make sure that they are taught proper moral values in an appropriate manner away from violence and negligence to protect them from being ill-used by conscienceless people whom could exploit them by virtue of their jobs.
3-Following-up the victims by educational behavior specialists in order to eliminate the psychological and behavioral consequences of the incident.

Counselor/Rashida Fathallah-President of Administrative Prosecution Authority ordered to refer the following workers at the Public Transport Authority (PTA): -Two drivers – Accidents Observation Delegate and a Laborer to immediate trial

Counselor/ Rashida Fathallah – President of APA – ordered to refer the following (12) accused, leaders of the General Authority for Reconstruction Projects & Agricultural Development Affairs (GARPAD) for immediate trial:

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